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Lancaster brewery releasing special Eagles-themed beer ahead of Super Bowl

Philadelphia fans are known to enjoy a little liquid courage and celebrating big wins in a "greasy" way. Spring House Brewing Co.'s new beer combines both.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Philadelphia Eagles fans are known for enjoying a little liquid courage, as well as celebrating big wins in a "greasy" way.

Spring House Brewing Co. in Lancaster is combining both, churning out the perfect beer for passionate Eagles fans ahead of Super Bowl 57.

And its name, well—it's a Philly thing.

“We like to climb poles in Philly, we became famous for it!" said Scott Richardson, co-owner and director of business development at Spring House Brewing Company. "I know other people do it but I don’t think anyone does it like Philly”

Hence the beer's name: "Grease the Poles."

The brewery had it all planned out before last Sunday's NFC Championship, but didn't want to release it too early, in fear of jinxing the team.

“We had developed the beer, we had developed the label, had everything ready to go. I probably put it out fourth quarter," explained Richardson. "So we released it just a little early, but I was confident that we were going to win.”

Richardson says the double IPA is not your typical tailgating beer.

The craft brewery's head brewer agrees.

“It is a big, hoppy beer, strong in alcohol, about 8%," explained Edwin Lopez Jr., the head brewer at Spring House. "We added a little bit of blackberry and milk sugar so that is just to kind of accentuate the fruitiness of the hops that we use in the beer”

"It’s a little cheesy, but I think it’s bold like our defense, smooth like our offense," joked Richardson, who is a big Philadelphia sports fan himself.

With the Birds getting ready to head to Arizona, it’s time for the beer to be canned up and enjoyed.

“We’ve had people show up at the brewery as soon as we put it on Instagram and Facebook just wishing, hoping that maybe we would have it out yet," Richardson said. "[They spent] hours and hours driving here to try to get it”

If you’re looking to get your hands on the limited edition brew, this Saturday, February 4, is the magic day.

“We’re releasing it at our three locations at noon," said Richardson. "There will be other locations around central Pennsylvania that will have it but in limited quantities.”

The beer will be sold in four packs. 

They will be $14.99 each and there is a limit of two per customer.

After that? Richardson said time, and the result of the Super Bowl will tell.

“If we can there may be a second edition right before the Super Bowl and maybe after the Super Bowl, we’ll see, but we’re working hard back there to really keep up demand," he said.

Either way, Eagles fans are hoping to hear the words “Grease the Poles” in the near future.

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