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How to be aware of 'porch pirates' this holiday season

Officials say more isolated homes tend to be the easiest targets.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — It’s that time of the year when people start to do their holiday shopping.

“We all know that the trend has gone towards online orders and items being delivered to the homes and to businesses," said Braxton Ditty with the Newberry Township Police Department.

However, that can naturally draw attention to those that might not have good intentions.

“We see an increase in the holiday season in package theft and I think that’s simply due to the knowledge being out there that people are buying holiday gifts and Christmas gifts and gifts throughout this season to prepare for the upcoming holidays," said Ditty.

Police say they see an increased theft rate during the day. 

“That’s when they’re being delivered and quite honestly that’s when people are at work and not home," said Ditty.

They also say more isolated homes tend to be the easiest targets.

“Geographically, a more rural area or a residence that is isolated from maybe a development setting or something similar, may become a target of someone with bad intentions," said Ditty.

So, what can people do to avoid getting their packages stolen?

“If you’re going away and you know that you have packages being delivered, either have someone pick up those packages that you trust or set up an alternative location for them to be delivered. Number two is home security systems, and doorbells cameras, they really act as a great deterrent," said Ditty.

Officials say that before you report a stolen package, to reach out to the seller and the delivery company. 

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