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Harrisburg woman starts her own business after being inspired by her son's differences

Sobeyda Rosario is the President and CEO of Gemstone Human Services, and was inspired by her son to create this business and make a change in the lives of others

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Sobeyda Rosario knew what she wanted to be ever since she was little; an entrepreneur.

"My father is a farmer and I remember helping him sell fruits, vegetables, things like that and I really enjoyed that."

She let go of that goal for a while when she went to school for criminal justice and psychology. 

While in college, Rosario had her son Juan and as he was growing, she noticed some differences. 

"Juan didn't talk, he didn't move, he wasn't crawling, and he was already old enough to do those things, I knew that."

Although this was concerning, Rosario didn't let herself be ashamed, but ambitious.

She began taking him to many doctor visits and therapy and now at 11 years old, Juan has made much progress.

"Last year we decided to disenroll Juan from special education and he's now in regular school now and he's brilliant!"

Juan has also felt his progress as well.

"Well you know, because back then we had like a hard time with everything and now everything's now fine," 

It is this progress that made Rosario create her business in 2019, Gemstone Human Services and aspire to help others in her situation and beyond.

The in-home business provides services to children and seniors including activities of daily living.

Rosario says it's all in part to make everyone feel equal.

"The client feels integrated into the society so they are not just at home like 'oh I have a disability have to be secluded' no, that's not the point is they are members of the society just like you and I," she said.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many things to slow down, it hasn't stopped Gemstone Human Services from receiving clientele, as it has increased in number. 

Rosario tells FOX43 her staff has been doing their best to provide a way for clients to feel comfortable in this time.

"Many places are not opened but we try to keep them- you know- happy and engaged at home by coming up with different activities that they can do, coloring puzzles you know," Rosario said.

Rosario hopes her business continues to grow and Juan reminds us that is all about caring for others.

"You know you have to help everybody, care for everybody, love everybody, so you have to help them," he said.

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