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VOTE: Bailey Coach to donate a bus to a local nonprofit

Three local nonprofit organizations are in the running to win a 47-passenger bus.

YORK, Pa. — What to do with an aging passenger bus that is no longer needed? That's the question the owner of York County based Bailey Coach asked himself.  The answer turned out to be unique. Give it away to a local nonprofit organization to use to help others in the community.

The bus is a 2006 MCI motorcoach that owner John Bailey says has served his company well for several years. "It shifts nice, drives nice, it handles nice. You look at this interior.  For 550,000 miles it looks like it's brand new in the front."

However, having been driven 550,000 miles, Bailey says the motorcoach is getting a bit 'long in the tooth'. 

"It's been hundreds of times to New York City, Baltimore, Washington D.C.  It has taken umpteen school children to many events. It's also taken many college sports teams, high school sports teams to almost anywhere."

Now Bailey wants his bus to continue to transport passengers, but not for his company.  Instead of selling or trading in the bus, Bailey is giving it away to a local non-profit organization, free of charge.  

"If we can just make a small difference for the people that they serve, it makes it worthwhile just getting out of bed in the morning," Bailey says.

The three local organizations with the chance to own the bus include:

"It's just part of our family mission to give back to the nonprofit community and give back to the community in general.  We wouldn't be here and be successful if it wouldn't be for the community supporting the Bailey family." 

Not only is the bus being given away free of charge, but Bailey is also including the motorcoach's electronic logging device, wi-fi capability and onboard camera system. Through various partnerships, Bailey has also secured $5,000 in parts for any future needs, plus the bus will be wrapped with the winning charity's name and logo. He says that is about 10 to 15 thousand dollars in extras for the winning charity.

"We're also going to help them out with any repairs that they need. We'll have our shop staff squeeze it in and fix whatever needs to be taken care of."

The 47 passenger motorcoach that has served Bailey well will soon continue to serve those making a difference in the community.

"Knowing that it is going to a nonprofit that can really change lives, and that's what it's all about, changing lives."


Votes from the public will determine which nonprofit wins the bus. Beginning Nov. 5, voting will open via our text line.

To vote for Affordable Housing Advocates, you can text the keyword "HOUSE" to 717-843-0043.

To vote for Servants Inc., you can text the keyword "SERVE" to 717-843-0043.

To vote for For the Love of a Veteran, Inc., you can text the keyword "VET" to 717-843-0043.

Voting will close on Nov. 17 and the winner will be announced on Nov. 22.  

To read the full contest rules, you can click here.

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