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Want to save at the pump? Public transportation may be the best option

The average gas tank fill up in Pennsylvania will cost more than $52, while a monthly bus pass is less than $43 in most areas.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Gas prices across the country continue to rise rapidly, causing many to worry about the impact that will have on their wallet.

Currently, the average price for gas across the state is $4.39/gallon, and for an average 12-gallon car, that's an estimated $52 charge every time you stop at the pump. For some, that number is proving too costly.

Brian, a man from Lancaster County who was waiting on the bus, says he takes public transit about once a week.

"I've found it to be clean, had no issues with it," he said. "They’re always on time and I feel safe in it.”

Brian said he's heard from friends that they're fed up with gas prices, saying "ten bucks used to get you four gallons, [but] now it gets you barely two."

Rich Farr, Executive Director of the Susquehanna Regional Transportation Authority can attest to people's frustrations.

He says the organization has seen more service requests and inquiries about buses – an uptick he remembers from the last time gas prices rose in 2008.

“We’re starting to see where people are thinking about what they want to do... we did experience this in 2008 I expect we will see it again.”

However, Farr says, there is a trade off in convenience.

“You'll save a significant amount of money but you're sharing a ride along a route that stops multiple times so…yes, you’ll save money, but you’ll add time to your commute.”

So would taking the bus make a difference in your wallet? 

In Central Pennsylvania there are three main public transit lines:

So, if you live in one of those areas and are hoping to find a new way into work, here are some prices to consider:

  • For the RRTA: 10 ride adult pass is $13.50, or $42.00 for a month 
  • For the Rabbit: 11 ride adult pass is $15.00 or $42.00 for a month
  • For the CAT: 11 ride adult pass is $27.50 or $49.00 for a month

There are also several discounts for seniors, students and those on Medicare.

A significant price difference to consider, as fuel costs tick up.

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