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Tipping etiquette and showing gratitude | Money Smart

Two experts shared their tips for being polite and considerate this holiday season.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The holidays can be hard financially, for everyone. 

But, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be considerate to others. 

Elaine Swann, of The Swann School of Protocol, shared her tips for being polite this holiday season. She says tipping is one of the best ways to show gratitude to others during the holiday season.

"When we think about tipping, we should really look toward the folks who made our lives easy throughout the year," she said. "These are folks who are typically in the service-based industry. They've gone above and beyond. Without them, your life probably wouldn't have gone as smoothly. So, these are the folks we want to think about tipping during the holiday season."

Annie Hartley, with Lancaster Modern Etiquette, agrees. 

"Your regular hairdresser, your barista, your house cleaning service, your yard maintenance, your trash pick-up crew, the postman...anyone who's helped you out and made your life smoother throughout the year," she said. "This is who you want to tip."

Both Swann and Hartley say to remember to tip delivery drivers as well. 

"They've gone out of their way this year to help you when you don't want to leave your house," Hartley said. "If you have someone who's been a regular delivery person you might want to show them a little extra care."

If you're on a tight budget, both women say to remember the golden rule: if you can't afford to tip, you probably can't afford the service.

They both closed by reminding us all to be extra generous this year, as we've all continued to make ends meet during a global pandemic. 

Check out what else these women had to say in the clip above. 

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