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Answering your FAQs about new unemployment system in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's new unemployment system is set to launch of June 8th.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania's new unemployment online system is set to launch on June 8th and already, there are plenty of questions about what this means for people who need to file a claim.

Q: Will I have to start from scratch?

A: According to the PA Department of Labor and Industry, the answer is no if you already have been filing weekly or bi-weekly claims. 

Acting Secretary Jennifer Berrier said, "We are taking our old mainframe system offline. We are not deleting information. That system will basically be read-only access, it will be inactive. So if we need to access information from that system, we will be able to do that."

Q: Will I have to prove I'm looking for a job with this new system?

A: Yes, eventually. The work search requirement will return for people receiving unemployment benefits next month.

Berrier said, "Work search will be turned on on July 18th which means that UC claimants will have to search for work the previous week which would be the week of July 11th."

Q: What do I need to log into the new system?

A: The department of L&I says you will no longer use your social security number and a PIN.  Instead, you'll use A Keystone ID. It's a username and password you will create the first time you access the system.

Q: Will I still get paid on time?

A: You should. the acting secretary says if you follow the proper steps listed on the department of labor and industry website when it comes to filing claims, you should get your payments on time. 

"If individuals follow the appropriate directions they will not experience a delay," said Berrier. 

If you have more questions, check out the Department of Labor and Industry's FAQ page.