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What to do when your monthly electric bill is delayed | FOX43 Finds Out

A York County woman waited more than three months to get an electric bill. FOX43 Finds Out stepped in to help.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Energy costs are expected to skyrocket this winter. Depending on how you heat your home, you'll likely pay between 6% to potentially 50% more.

Gail Salter of Manchester Township, York County is concerned her next electric bill is going to be astronomical. 

Especially because she hasn't received a bill since she got a smart meter back in August.

FOX43 Finds Out contacts the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Met-Ed to figure out what is going on.

Salter got a smart meter installed at her home months ago, and she's not sure if it's working properly. 

"I'm waiting on a bill and I'm still waiting and that's since September," Salter said. 

Sure, not getting a bill may seem like a good thing, however, she is worried she's going to get hit with a huge payment when it does eventually come. 

Salter said, "I know I can't handle a $1,000 bill. You have holidays, trying to conserve energy as the weather permits and all that stuff. 

It has nothing to do with a mail delay. When she logs onto her Met-Ed account online, there's nothing there either.

Every time she calls MetEd about the issue, she's told the same thing: they don't know what the problem is, or when it will be fixed.

 "I'm stressed over everything," she says. "What do I do?  And I don't can't get answers."

FOX43 Finds Out sent several emails to MetEd about the issue. 

Ultimately, we were told they believe this is an isolated incident unrelated to having a smart meter but would not tell us what the problem is, citing security purposes. 

Salter never got an answer as to what was delaying the bill, but she did finally get one after FOX43 Finds Out reached out to Met-Ed. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

As of September, there have been 370 consumer complaints filed against MetEd in PA, which is about an 11% increase from this time last year.

If you have a story you want Jackie to look into, FOX43 wants to find out. Send her a message on Facebook or send an email to FOX43FindsOut@FOX43.com. 

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