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Letters about mail-in ballots are leaving voters confused | FOX43 Finds Out

Pennsylvania law states counties must send out letters about a mail-in ballot list, so why do people think it's a scam? FOX43 Finds Out.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — People all across Pennsylvania are getting letters about being on a mail-in ballot list. 

It's part of Act 77, the law that allows more widespread voting in the commonwealth. 

So why do some people think it's a scam?

FOX43 Finds Out

We brought the question to York County Commissioner Julie Wheeler, who said " No, this is not a scam. The state requested counties send a letter like this." 

Wheeler explains that counties need to send this letter to people who voted by mail in the last election, adding "Because of the way Act 77 is written, counties every year will now be going through this process."

The process is sending a letter to every person who voted by mail and requested to be on the annual mail-in voter list.

It's a little box that people check when requesting a mail-in ballot. 

Wheeler said, "If you want to stay on the permanent list, what that means is that we're going to reach out to you every year and give you the option of how you want to vote. Do you want to vote in person or do you want to vote by mail?"

There are three options on what you can do if you get this letter.

"If you want to stay on the permanent list, you don't need to do a thing. If you want to come off the list, check the box, sign, and send it back to us. If you want to stay on the list and you know already you want us to receive a mail-in ballot, please sign it and let us know, that way our election staff can start planning for that," said Wheeler. 

While people were being told to mail the letter, there was no address for where to send it.

That lead some people to think the letter was some sort of political scam. 

Wheeler says that the return address issue was a mistake."The bottom line, the letter is not a scam. Our apologies for the oversight on the return address being missing."

The address people should mail that application back to is 28 East Market Street, B003, York, PA 17401-1579

As we head into the primary election later this spring, Wheeler wants people to know they will likely be getting even more letters related to mail-in ballots.

Those might not be coming from your local election board.

"If you returned your letter and said, 'I want to say on the list, I want to request a mail-in ballot.' There is nothing to prevent a third party from sending you a mailer that says 'Here's your application for a mail-in ballot.'"

You can always check the status of your voter registration, even if you want to vote in person or by mail, by going to the Department of State website. 

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