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FOX43 Finds Out: tracking number confusion

Jay Lalli thought he got a good deal on a few kayaks, 3 kayaks for about $300. Well, he never got those kayaks. The company claims they were delivered and provi...

Jay Lalli thought he got a good deal on a few kayaks, 3 kayaks for about $300.

Well, he never got those kayaks.

The company claims they were delivered and provided tracking numbers.

Though as FOX43 Finds Out, it doesn't seem like those tracking numbers trace back to the kayaks.

"Privacy protection, 100% high quality items, hassle free returns, 24/7 customer support," Jay Lalli read off the website he ordered three kayaks from.

"I just happened to notice this kayak feed come across my Facebook account one day and I was looking at it thinking 'boy this looks really nice. They're discounted. Flash sale," said Lalli.

Those kayaks were really discounted.

The site claims an almost $2,000 kayak is on sale for about 99 bucks.

So Lalli ordered three kayaks for almost $300 bucks.

"So far I've gotten nothing," said Lalli.

He paid via PayPal and said "I usually don't give out my information online or anything, so I used my PayPal account, figuring that's going to be the safer way to go."

When months passed and nothing showed up, he filed a claim with PayPal.

"They emailed me back and said the company has submitted to us tracking numbers."

"Finally one tracking number came up, item delivered. I got home that night from work and I'm like, oh where's my kayak? Is it on the porch? Nothing there."

He called the post office to make sure no one stole the package.

"She said oh that one's actually in the post office today for delivery. She checked it, came back and said, that's like a one once parcel and it's actually being delivered to a different address in Lebanon."

According to the website he orderd the kayaks fromL one weighs 98 lbs and the other weighs 50 lbs.

Lalli said, "The kayak is supposed to be an 11 and a half foot fishing kayak. A little more than one ounce."

He thought at this point PayPal would refund him all his money right away and that wasn't the case.

"I told PayPal this couldn't be an 11 foot kayak in a one ounce parcel and they still denied the claim because they got tracking numbers," he said.

Those tracking numbers were United States Postal Service numbers.

A USPS spokes person did tell us something interesting though.

The postal service does not handle items more than 70 lbs.

Which means, at least two of the kayaks Lalli ordered which were listed as 98 pounds on the website could not have been shipped via USPS.

So, it doesn't exactly make sense how the tracking number for the kayaks could be USPS numbers.

We asked the postal service if this could be some sort of scam.

If someone can find tracking numbers or send an empty box to a different address in a zip code so it can't be disputed that something was actually sent.

A postal inspector says it could be, however, it's not something he has heard of happening yet in Central PA.

Although he also says people need to report these kind of issues and people can do that here.

"I'm pretty sure it's some sort of internet scam and they figured out a way to scam not only the customer, but they figured out a way to scam PayPal and find tracking numbers," said Lalli.

After FOX43 Finds Out contacted PayPal, it did refund all of the money Lalli paid and even apologized to him.

We also tried to contact the company by email, on their website and even by filing a complaint.

So far, no one from that company has gotten back to us.

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