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FOX43 Finds Out: People want money back from the Rainbow Comedy Playhouse

People want their money back after a Lancaster County dinner theater shuts down. FOX43 Finds Out what people who lost hundreds of dollars can do now. These tick...
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People want their money back after a Lancaster County dinner theater shuts down.

FOX43 Finds Out what people who lost hundreds of dollars can do now.

These tickets to the Rainbow Comedy Playhouse in Lancaster County cost Mary Jo Light more than $200 and now she'll never get to use them.

"We were supposed to go August 9th and then they called us and told us that they had electrical problems and that they were going to call us back and reschedule in the near future."

She says that never happened.

Now you'll find if you go to the dinner theater in Paradise Township: a sign explaining the Rainbow Comedy Playhouse is now permanently closed.

"There was nobody there, we tried to call and the voicemail was full, they wouldn't answer the phone."

If you call the dinner theater now, you'll hear this: "This is the greatest challenge of our lives and we have worked to mental and physical exhaustion. We are truly, deeply sorry for the outcome and inconvenience this has caused. "

So far, people who bought tickets, and in some cases season passes, say they've lost money and they have no idea what really happened.

"They're hiding behind this fog of mystery."

FOX43 finds out emailed. called and stopped by the playhouse to try to get answers from the three co-owners and no one has responded.

"It's really not about they money, it's about being honest."

FOX43 Finds Out spoke with a lawyer about what people who bought tickets can do now, he says they can either:

File a claim with their credit card company, if they used a credit card to pay for the tickets.

Depending on the company though, if the purchase was made more than 90 days ago, people may not get money back.

People can go also the legal route by filing a case with their district magistrate or get together and file class action lawsuit.

However, if the owners of Rainbow Comedy Playhouse file for bankruptcy, it could take a long time, if ever, for people to get their money back.

As for Light, she just wants an apology.

"I want to know who took the money. I don't want to hear rumors, I want the truth."

FOX43 Finds Out did reach out to state police and the Lancaster County District Attorney's office to see if there was an investigation in to what happened with the rainbow comedy playhouse.

The DA's office couldn't comment and a State Police spokesperson says they can't comment because it's an active investigation.

We also contacted the state attorney general's office.

So far, it has received no complaints about the Rainbow Comedy Playhouse closure.

People can file a complaint on the AG's website or call 1-800-441-2555.

Former employees who have not been paid can get in touch the office as well, the State Department of Labor and Industry or call 717-787-5211.

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