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FOX43 Finds Out: Parking Ticket Runaround

Christine Cunningham recently got a parking ticket dropped and doesn’t understand why she still has to pay for the towing bill. FOX43 Finds Out got to the...

Christine Cunningham recently got a parking ticket dropped and doesn't understand why she still has to pay for the towing bill.

FOX43 Finds Out got to the bottom of what really happened.

"I remember I parked too close to the telephone poll, so I had to move up a little bit so he could get out of the car," said Christine Cunningham, as she walks us through where she usually parks West James Street in Lancaster.

"I`ve parked there a million times. Lots and lots. And never had a problem."

She did have a problem of May 20th, 2018.

When she woke up that morning, her car had been towed.

She ended up with a ticket and a $220 towing bill.

She said, "There was nothing to indicate any type of problem. There were other cars parked on James street as well."

Cunningham fought that ticket in court  and it was withdrawn.

"I don`t understand why I was allowed to get my parking ticket expunged, but not get a refund for the towing. They go hand in hand in my opinion."

She says while she was in court, she spoke with a Lancaster Parking Authority employee.

"I said ok, what about the towing? And he said you`ll have to call Lancaster city police. I called Lancaster city police, they said you have to call the parking authority. So I was bounced back and forth between the parking authority and the police."

Cunningham says she asked for proof of the signs, though she says she never got it.

"I`d like to see the signs and know that at least it was my fault that I did miss the sign, or have them repay my towing bill."

FOX43 finds out then emailed the Lancaster Mayor's Office, City Police Department and the Parking Authority.

Then police sent us these photos from about 7:30 in the morning on May 20th.

There are several posted no parking signs on West James Street and Cunningham's Silver Nissan Xterra.

In an email, police stated the signs would have been posted no later than May 18th.

It may seem a little confusing why the ticket was dismissed if police had the proof.

The ticket was dropped after the Lancaster Parking Authority stepped in.

Police were not involved in the court hearing and an officer tells us police would not have dropped that ticket.

I asked the mayor's office, police and parking authority how that could happen?

I was told they may never have an answer for that, since some of the people involved no longer work for the city.

however, I was told that because of this story all three agencies have been in contact to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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