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Don't throw out this letter from the US Treasury

A letter with information about your economic impact payment may be delivered to your mailbox this week.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — People who are still waiting for their stimulus payment need to keep a close eye on their mailboxes this week.

If you get a piece of mail that looks like this over the next few days, don't throw it out.

It's not spam, it really is from the US treasury and it's about your economic impact payment card. 

That's the debit card that holds your stimulus payment from the federal government.

The US treasury is sending these letters out this week to remind people that they need to activate those e-i-p cards in order to get their stimulus payment. 

FOX43 has reported in the past that people were throwing out this debit card because they thought it was junk mail. 

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Now, this letter will have more information on what people who accidentally toss the cards.

It will also explain how people can transfer the stimulus payment from their card - into their bank accounts.

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While this letter is legitimate, others may not be.

Remember, the government will never, call, text, email, or send you a link to click to activate your card or get your money.