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Report reveals the safest cars for teen drivers

A new report from IIHS and Consumer Reports lists the cars that can help keep teen drivers the safest.

WASHINGTON — Summer is a busy time for road trippers. With more drivers on the road comes an increased chance for crashes. 

Teenage drivers are especially at risk. They're three times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash compared to older drivers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Driving safety experts say the kind of car a teen drives can help keep them safe. Which is why Insurance Institute for Highway Safety worked with Consumer Reports on a list of the best cars for teen drivers.

It features 62 new and used vehicles, ranging in price from a used KIA Soul for $6,600 to a new Lexus NX SUV for almost $40,000.

All the chosen vehicles had two things in common, according to the report. They protected drivers during crash testing, and they're equipped with electronic stability control, which can help prevent a crash.

The new cars on the list also got a good rating because the controls are easy to use.

"Cars have gotten so technologically complicated that we don't want ones with difficult controls that may distract a young driver from the task at hand of driving," says Jennifer Stockburger from Consumer Reports.

While cars have gotten more expensive since the pandemic, experts say spending extra for a safer vehicle is money well spent especially if that car is being driven by a young person. 


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