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A national initiative highlights small businesses in Camp Hill to celebrate entrepreneurship throughout the country and in COVID-19

Camp Hill businesses are receiving the spotlight in this year's National Entrepreneurship Week to celebrate the diverse establishments catering to the community.

CAMP HILL, Pa. — A national initiative called National Entrepreneurship week is shedding light on businesses across the country including those in our area in Camp Hill.

With over 100 small business in a ten block corridor, the community can enjoy a diverse selection of food, coffee, and leisure activities.

The initiative is also highlighting these businesses for their perseverance through the current global pandemic- a task that Watershed Pub owner, Joshua Kesler says is not easy.

“It's challenging in normal environments, normal circumstances, so when you bring a new layer of complication like COVID to it, it just makes it a little more complicated," Kesler said.

With complications, come solutions and modifications which the Pennsylvania Bakery implemented quickly to keep business going.

"We definitely had to make some modifications. You know the door dash, grubhub, uber eats stuff, we had to add more of our menu there and make it available for people,” said Rachelle Schenk-Womer, sales manager at the Pennsylvania Bakery.

While the COVID-19 pandemic had business owners scrambling to find ways to stay open, those trying to open new establishments also felt the pandemic’s impacts.

For Amber and Kenneth Haulton, it was hard while also bringing in a new bundle of joy into the world.

“We got the shop cleaned up and modeled then everything shut down, said Haulton, “so during the pandemic I was really depressed and pregnant."

However, the Haulton’s did not give up and say they owe it all to their community members.

“So with all the support by the mom's in here, and all the women, and they know I'm pregnant, everyone came in and supported the pregnant mama,” she said.

These times may be difficult, but Schenk-Womer says all you need is a bit of faith.

“Obviously a lot of people didn't feel comfortable coming in the store anymore, so we started making it available in other ways so believing that the business would come back, and it did,” said Schenk-Womer.

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