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Harrisburg business ends Black History Month with expo highlighting minority-owned businesses

The Urban Revolution Marketing & Branding Business hosted an expo to promote minority-owned businesses and their services to the Harrisburg community.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Urban Revolution Marketing & Branding hosted their "Black is Beautiful" expo Saturday to leave a positive ending to Black History Month.

The two-day event highlighted the future of minority-owned businesses in Harrisburg. 

The business hopes to shed light on those businesses who were impacted by the pandemic but also those who were created because of it.

“A lot of these businesses were formed in 2020 because of layoffs and other things where people had to find another way to put bread on the table,” said Bradley Wainwright, CEO of Urban Revolution Marketing and Branding Business, “so now we have to drive the attention that and we have to support these minority businesses."

As business owners shared the event's significance, one business owner explained how the pandemic changed how he reached community members.

“Because everything was shut down, I had to kind of change by marketing format and I had to tailor it to be an e-commerce, a virtual online, sales, type platform," said Cebrum George, owner of NuBorn Skin.

For others, the outbreak of COVID-19 caused their business to increase in community demand.

“Business has been booming more because a lot of families have been needing more support at home because a lot of the clients that we serve like I said they have mental services so being at home is really affecting them," said Sobeyda Rosario, CEO of Gemstone Human Services.

Wainwright hopes the expo will not only bring light to the diverse businesses in Harrisburg but bring a historical aspect to the area as well.

In Black Wall Street, we were thriving, and then that was dismantled horribly. And, now the goal we're trying to make is to bring that back, and this is what we're doing, we're making history for this," said Wainright.

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