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New Spartans welcomed by faculty in fifth annual Spartan Jam at York County School of Technology

York County School of Technology held their fifth annual Spartan Day to welcome new students from 14 school districts.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — York County School of Technology (YCST) welcomed their brand new batch of Spartans for their fifth-annual Spartan Jam. 

This event is held on the first day of school for the incoming freshmen and sophomores, who represent over 14 school districts in York County. 

Nick Staab, the Director of Communications at YCST, said that since most of the students have never met, this will be an opportunity to become acquainted before stepping into the classroom.

"It's designed to really get them to know each other in a team building environment, and build those positive relationships right from the start," Staab said.

Around 450 students will assemble on campus and participate in various team-building stations. These stations include ice breakers, athletic-related activities, problem solving exercises, crafts and more. 

All these events are conducted by the teachers and other faculty of YCST.

"I think the school is so remarkable in how diverse it is and how many kids we get together, and they learn about each other," said school psychologist, Katie Jayne. " And we have this awesome opportunity for the Spartan gym, to really get all of our kids in the same place. They might not see each other for the rest of the year, because they're in different shops. But this is a place where they get to connect."

Rising senior, Marley Shaw, went to Spartan Jam three years ago, and she agrees that the event is a welcome time. 

"Once you have a friend, you'll like stick to them that whole year," said Shaw, and they're still my best friends."

Incoming freshman, Rebecca Berkheimer, said she was a little nervous about starting at YCST. But after being at Spartan Jam for an hour, she said her mood began to change.

"Now I got better," Berkheimer, "I am glad I came here."

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