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#TakeTimeBack hashtag discusses maintaining a work-life balance during a pandemic

Dozens of people shared their tips for staying sane now that the office has entered the home.
Credit: Associated Press/Elise Amendola

If the past year has taught us anything, it's that maintaining a proper work-life balance is crucial.

When basically the whole world shut down last spring, millions of people from across the United States took their work home. Office supplies sales skyrocketed, home office set-ups became the norm, and staying in your pajamas all day became socially acceptable.

The past year has been trying for a lot of reasons, but one thing that has plagued many of us is the fact that more than ever before, it's very difficult to get away from the "office."

How do you not log onto your work computer when it's right next to your bed? How do you not take care of that thing your boss is emailing you about when it's a means of walking into the kitchen?

Citrix, a software company that aims to promote "a better employee experience," has had a hand in pushing the #TakeTimeBack hashtag on Twitter. #TakeTimeBack is a hashtag that encourages users to share some tips and tricks about how they've learned to manage a work-life balance, especially in the past year.

Many of the tips people shared were centered around getting outside, telling your boss that you're feeling overwhelmed, really taking time to relax on the weekends, and spending time with family.

One person shared that their key to maintaining a proper work-life balance is sticking to a strict schedule.

"I #TakeTimeBack from work by setting my schedule and sticking to it," they wrote. "I am available to work during the hours of 7 a.m until about 4 p.m. After that, talk to you tomorrow."

Another user shared the importance of learning how to prioritize. 

"I’ve created a to-do list that has three prioritized must tasks for each day," he wrote. "Every other task can wait."

Another user shared a few tips she tries to stick to that include setting an alarm for the start and end of her work day, starting with the most daunting task of the day first, and taking a full scheduled lunch.

You can check out other tips Twitter users shared below:

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