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Tasting limited edition churro Kit Kats

The FOX43 Morning News crew tried the new limited edition churro Kit Kats. Cinnamon fans, this may be the Kit Kat for you!

YORK, Pa. — National Churro Day is here, and candy lovers have a great option to celebrate.

Limited edition churro Kit Kats are on store shelves right now. The spinoff is made of churro cream mixed with sugar between the treat's signature crispy wafers.

The FOX43 Morning News team tried them out this morning to see if they live up to the excitement.

"They taste exactly like a churro!" meteorologist Andrea Michaels crowed.

The team was delighted to find that the candy didn't taste overwhelmingly like white chocolate, something Andrea was worried about because it can be too sweet.

"It tastes like a cinnamon Kit Kat," anchor Gabrielle Mediak said.

Anchor Alex Cawley even proposed that the churro version might be better than the beloved chocolate Kit Kat. Gabby wasn't willing to go quite that far.

"It's tough. This is a nice take on the original, I will say," Gabby conceded.

One consensus that the whole team could get behind was that they'd eat these treats again and again.

"I know it says limited edition, but if you want to keep brining these back around, Hershey, we'd appreciate it," Alex said.

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