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Helping your pets adjust to life post-COVID with the chicks from Chick2Chick

The past year and a half has not only been rough on humans, but "ruff" on our pets as well.

YORK, Pa. — When COVID-19 shut the world down in March 2020, and Americans and the rest of the world alike hunkered down at home, it took many people a while to adjust—including our pets.

Once our pets adjusted, however, they got used to things. Owners were at home all the time, working from home, and never leaving their side.

Now that the world is somewhat returning to normal, and many are going back to the office full time, our pets are left confused. Many of them may even be suffering from anxiety, aggression, and separation issues.

Flora Posteraro and Carrie Perry joined FOX43 on June 14 to discuss how to train our pets to feel better, how to treat your pets as equals, and where to find a professional trainer if necessary.

You can hear more of what the chicks from Chick2Chick had to say above.

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