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Furry Friends with Bette Davis, the dog!

Bette is a young lab and terrier mix who loves belly rubs and morning walks. She's available for adoption at Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue.

LANCASTER, Pa. — This week’s Furry Friend is brought to us by Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue. Bette Davis is a 3- to 4-year-old lab and terrier mix. She traveled from the southern U.S. to Pennsylvania in hopes of finding her people. 

Her foster mom, Melissa Uhle, says that Bette loves to stick around her side anytime she’s home.

“She will follow me around, come up to me on the couch, cuddle up to me. She loves cuddling," she said.

While Bette is an affectionate dog, it does take her some time to warm up to new people.

“She is the sweetest girl but she can be a little nervous when meeting new people, so slower introductions are better," Uhle told FOX43. "But once she warms up, she just wants belly rubs and loving and attention.”

Uhle says Bette is very active and loves her morning walks. Her ideal family will be ready to take Bette along for adventures with them.

“I would think that her perfect family would be an active family. Probably older kids, like 12 or older, because she’s just a little timid and nervous with quick movements, loud noises sometimes. So kids that will understand some of her boundaries and just her nervous nature a little bit," said Uhle.

Bette’s future family shouldn’t have any small animals. When it comes to other dogs, Uhle says it’s a case-by-case basis.

“She has been a little bit dog selective, I would say. Some dogs she seems to get along with okay, other dogs maybe not so much.”

Uhle has loved watching Bette come out of her shell and become goofier as she settles in. She’s hoping Bette is able to fully settle with her forever family soon.

Bette is currently fostered in Lancaster. If you’re interested in meeting Bette to see if she’s the right fit for you, you can fill out an adoption application on Charlie's Crusaders website.

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