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Valentine's Day go-to gift prices are on the rise | Here's how florists are keeping up

Florists tell FOX43 the pandemic has brought a boost in business as people now have a greater need for flowers.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — This year, Valentine's Day will see more people spreading a greater amount of love by opening their wallets and spending a larger amount of money.

The National Retail Confederation (NRF) estimates a spending cost of close to $24 billion for Valentines Day in 2022, which is an increase from the $21.8 billion spent in 2021.

The NRF says more people intend to spend a greater amount of money on their significant others.

It's no secret the pandemic has brought price increases, job cuts, and an emotional toll.

Currently, the U.S. is seeing a 7% increase in inflation, according to the nation's Bureau of Labor Statistic's real earnings report for January 2022.

According to the personal finance website, The Balance, flowers are on the list of items that have seen a price increase.

Financial experts say prices for flowers, like roses, have risen up to 54%. However, this increase hasn't brought a negative impact for some florists.

"Frankly, during the pandemic, people want to feel better," said Barry Spengler, chief administrative officer for Royer's Flowers and Gifts, "Flowers have been a wonderful thing, especially when not many people felt comfortable coming into stores. We deliver, so it's been good for us but I think good for our customers too."

Spengler says the company has not had to increase flower prices too much, however, shipping has him and his staff on alert.

"It's the flight to Miami, Miami to us via truck," he said, "If you're a local florist and you deal with a wholesaler, you're at the mercy of them. So that's what's been really hard for smaller flower shops. We direct buy."

With direct buying comes time to plan ahead to give better notice on shipping, which Spengler says helps to control how much shipping the floral company pays.

While florists have prepared and shipped out many orders ahead of Valentine's Day, Spengler says there is still time to get flowers if need be, though a greater selection may not be available.

For more on Royer's Flowers and Gifts, you can visit their website here.

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