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'I missed you so much': Couple reunites at airport after pandemic separates them

Johnny Lutz met Kim Khorn while teaching in Cambodia. After Johnny left, the pandemic led them to be apart for almost two years.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — When Johnny Lutz decided to fly to Cambodia to earn a living teaching English, he never imagined that trip would change his life romantically.

Johnny, who graduated with a degree in engineering, fell in love with a woman named Kim Khorn.

However, their romance would be interrupted by COVID-19.

Cambodia’s border closed and the U.S. prevented many people from traveling internationally, leaving the two separated by nearly 8,000 miles.

Johnny and Kim stayed connected through FaceTime. 

In order to see each other, Kim would need to travel eight hours from her hometown several times to get her VISA documents to come to the U.S.

On Christmas Eve, she finally boarded a flight from Cambodia through Seoul, and Detroit on her way to Columbus.

Johnny was there waiting with a bouquet of flowers and a welcome sign in Cambodian.

“I can't even put (it) into words. It's so huge, my whole family is here in Columbus. They are so excited to meet her. This is the best Christmas gift we could hope for,” he said.

Just after 1 p.m., Kim arrived from her 25-hour flight. 

The two instantly hugged and cried. 

“Honey...I missed you,” Johnny said.

Johnny says he plans to propose soon.

On this Christmas Eve, this family reunion proves once again that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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