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Savoring sweetness: Hersheypark photographer pushing boundaries, making memories

An iconic South Central Pa. amusement park is open for the summer season. One photographer is capturing all the sweetness, proving nothing is out of her reach.

HERSHEY, Pa. — On a busy day at the sweetest place on earth, a friendly voice with a bright flash is making memories last.

Morgan Smoker is one of the first faces you'll see at Hersheypark and might be the first person you hear.

"I have loved taking photos since I was a freshman in high school," she said. "I cherish making people feel good about themselves and I would love to capture your memories."

Morgan first interviewed for a job at Dutch Wonderland in 2021, blowing staff away with her personality and skill.

"They interviewed this great person, but she's in a motorized wheelchair. We've never had anybody in a motorized wheelchair," said Seth Hollinger, director of business operations at Get the Picture Corporation. "They're like, 'can we make this happen and how can we make this work?'"

Hollinger is Morgan's boss at GTP, the company in charge of photography at Hersheypark and Dutch Wonderland.

He knew he had to make it happen.

"More than anything, she just wanted this so bad," Hollinger said. "She has a passion for photography and just a huge passion for people."

Technological innovation makes it all possible.

"I have been using a communication device since I was three years old and I will tell you what, without this communication device I would be so lost and speechless because this can do basically everything," Smoker said.

A metallic dot on Morgan's forehead helps her computer detect eye movement and move a cursor around the screen. She can choose from a list of preprogrammed directions for guests or type out what she wants to say.

Milton Hershey watches as Morgan helps guests strike the perfect pose with her signature brand of humor.

She puts her motorized chair in the right spot and takes the shot. Then, she quickly uploads the photos to a cloud server and shows guests to a nearby stand to print them out.

She can make anyone look good and her fans know it.

"She's in half the pictures herself because they want to take selfies with her," Hollinger said.

Morgan lives up to the "world's best photographer" brand, booking professional photo shoots throughout the region and developing a following online. She surfs, edits and posts from her device.

"Some people do not think that I am capable of certain things, but I am not so much more than that," Smoker said. "A lot of people think I don't understand what they are saying because I am in a wheelchair. I am 100% mentally capable. When they stare at me, I just smile at them."

Morgan's brilliance and bravery is more evident with every snapshot.

Her encouraging confidence comes from faith.

"God has given me this life to impact others futures, not to be upset that I am in a wheelchair," Smoker said. "Capturing photos shares many of God's masterpieces and I have an eye for it."

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