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York diner gets creative with Thanksgiving leftovers

Astoria Diner in York gives four different recipes to use for Thanksgiving leftovers.

YORK, Pa. — When it comes to Thanksgiving, many people look forward to reconnecting with their family and creating memories... but others look forward to the feast and the piles of leftovers after the gathering. 

Astoria Diner in York gives four different recipes to use for Thanksgiving leftovers. 

“I’ve been cooking for 35 years, cooking is imagination, you don’t throw anything away, you use your imagination… anyone can do it,” said Tina Margetas, owner of Astoria’s. 

The first recipe is a turkey and vegetable soup that can be made from many of the items left on the table after Thanksgiving. Margetas said this meal takes 15 minutes to make.

“Everything that you had at the turkey table, you can use,” said Margetas. "Remember, we do not throw anything away, we use everything. Nothing goes to waste."

The second item on the menu is a turkey sandwich with cranberry or a turkey and gravy sandwich. Margetas said these meals offer a hot and cold option for everything on the table. 

The third is a salad with shredded turkey and a waffle with gravy and turkey chunks. 

Typically, you would warm up the gravy and chicken while making the waffle and pair them together when everything is all done. Margetas says a side of gravy can also complete the meal. 

The last item on the menu is turkey pot pie, which would incorporate your leftover turkey, vegetables and broth into a warm entrée.

“This is fun because you don’t have to go shopping,” said Margetas. “You can put these meals together for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.”

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