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Boosting immune health against cold, flu and COVID-19

Omega-3 fatty acids, krill oil and more can help boost your immunity through one of the most viral times of the year.

Taking care of your immune system is one of the most important things to try to do every day. One way to do so is to take supplements. Finding the right ones, though, can be hard.

Dr. Taz Bhatia is the best-selling author of Super Woman Wellness. She says one of the most important supplements to your body is Omega-3 fatty acids.

"It's responsible for your eye health, heart health, joint health, brain health, skin health and your immune system," Dr. Bhatia said. "Understand where the supplement was made, where it's sourced, it's ingredients, how much of a particular ingredient is in that particular supplement. You also want to make sure you're picking something with minimal other stuff."

However, our body doesn't naturally make Omega-3s. It's a universal deficiency, so we have to consume them. Two servings of fish per week is recommended, or you can take an omega-3 supplement.

"A generic recommendation is a gram a day. Some people need more, some people need less. That's something that should be determined by your doctor," Dr. Bhatia said.

However, the common fish oil supplement for omega-3s often leads to a fishy aftertaste, burps and more. Krill oil is an alternative.

Dr. Bhatia also said to remember, just because you eat healthy doesn't mean you don't need supplements.

"Even the healthiest amongst us have deficiencies and areas we need to supplement," Dr. Bhatia said.

It's important to remember to eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep. You can find more information from your doctor or the National Institute of Health.

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