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Black-owned spotlight: Caribbean Wave Restaurant

In this week's black-owned spotlight is Caribbean Wave Restaurant in Lancaster County. Damain Cavalo, owner of Caribbean Wave, has been in business for six years.

LANCASTER, Pa. — In honor of Black History Month, FOX43 continues to highlight black-owned businesses in south central Pennsylvania. 

In this week's Black-owned spotlight is Caribbean Wave Jamaican Jerk Restaurant in Lancaster County. Damain Cavalo, owner of Caribbean Wave, has been in business for six years. 

“It’s been six great years, a lot of up and down and a lot of roadblocks but you know in the restaurants business so you have those types of efforts,” said Cavalo. 

Cavalo was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and has a second career in music. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Cavalo had to focus all his attention and efforts on the restaurant. The business was run by his family, but due to pandemic restrictions, many of them returned to Montego Bay, leaving Cavalo to run the business himself. 

“For me as a Black-owned [business], to come to America and have a restaurant for six years, I have to congratulate myself and I have to congratulate all of the Black-owned businesses out there because it’s really hard for us,” said Cavalo. 

The ingredients used at Caribbean Wave consist of fresh and organic herbs, vegetables, and meats. The menu is filled with flavors that pack a punch. Cavalo also created a juice that he says works as a remedy for colds and diets. 

“I blend my seasonings, I blend my herbs, so everything that goes into your belly and goes into your stomach makes you feel good and happy so that’s what this is all about,” said Cavalo. 

Cavalo said he encourages people in the community to take on the challenge and build a business for themselves. He says to keep in mind that there will be hard times but to also celebrate the good times. 

“I just want to tell the people, don’t give up—your first and second year, just always know that you’re going to learn and don’t give up continually pushing and once you keep continually pushing you’re going to see the growth so that’s what I want to say… don’t give up, keep pushing,” said Cavalo. 

For more information and a look at the menu, click here. 

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