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Early warmth could mean an earlier start to allergy season | Family First with FOX43

How can you help your kids get through allergy season?

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — It's been a mild winter in Central Pennsylvania, and there have even been some warm pre-Spring days, recently.

With all that warmth is a higher chance of allergy season starting sooner, experts say.

As adults, we have learned to live with and treat allergy symptoms, but what can you do for children?

Dr. Kathleen Zimmerman, a pediatrician at UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics, says that if there is itching involved, it's probably allergies.

Zimmerman says that prevention is key with allergies, so simple things like changing clothes and cleaning your child after they come in from outside can help reduce symptoms.

Additionally, Zimmerman suggests closing windows to prevent pollen from entering your home.

Zimmerman says there are approved antihistamines for children as young as six months old, but you should consult with your pediatrician before giving them to your child.

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