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Chick2Chick discusses teen periods and how to help your daughter through hers

Flora Posteraro and Carrie Perry joined FOX43 on May 3 to talk about the symbolic milestone.

YORK, Pa. — Flora Posteraro and Carrie Perry, the chicks of Chick2Chick, joined FOX43's Amy Lutz on May 3 to discuss a touchy subject: teen periods.

Menstruation is a heavy subject for a lot of women to talk about. When a young girl starts getting her period, she might feel a range of emotions that make her not want to discuss it at all. This is why Posteraro and Perry say it's important to teach your daughter that it's normal, and not to be ashamed of her body at a young age.

Posteraro said the key to helping young women through the transition to womanhood is transparency. Having those tough conversations are important, she said.

Both the chicks also say it's vital for mothers to listen to their daughters. Every woman experiences some sort of period pain, but if the pain is preventing a young woman from functioning and doing daily tasks, it might be time to explore options surrounding how to deal with that.

To hear more about what the chicks had to say, check out the clip above.

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