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Chick2Chick discusses the biological clock, and how to stay in tune with yours

The chicks' latest podcast, "Stop the Biological Clock from Ticking," is available now.

YORK, Pa. — The chicks sat down with FOX43's Amy Lutz on April 26 to discuss their latest podcast, "Stop the Biological Clock from Ticking."

In the podcast, Flora Posteraro and Carrie Perry speak with Dr. Kara Nguyen of Shady Grove Fertility about conceiving and how to deal with the concept of the "biological clock."

More than ever before, many women are waiting to have a child, if they decide they want children at all. Some women are putting their careers first, and others are waiting to get married. Whatever the reason, the chicks thought it was important to discuss this topic and point out that everyone is on a different life path, and that's alright.

The chicks began by discussing their own experiences with fertility. Perry said that getting pregnant was a breeze for her, while Posteraro said she struggled to conceive.

"I was very fortunate," Perry said. "I was able to start my family when I thought about my family. I got pregnant right away and I never had any obstacles."

"However, a lot of my friends were having experiences dissimilar to mine and they were all very stressed about it," she went on. "They all thought it was their fault that their bodies were not cooperating. I wish they had had more support back then."

The chicks also discuss how hard fertility issues can be, regardless of the reason a couple is struggling to conceive, in the latest episode.

They went on in the interview to say that women should listen to this podcast with their partners, as fertility issues can be caused by either party, and are a larger topic that needs more discussion in relationships.

The chicks also suggested working with fertility doctors to figure out the best strategy to conceive, if at all possible.

The video podcast can be viewed on Chick2Chick.com and YouTube. It's also available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IGTV as @Chick2ChickUSA, and LinkedIn. The audio podcast can be listened to on Stitcher, Spotify, Podbean, GooglePlay, iTunes, and TuneIn.

New podcasts are posted every Monday morning. You can learn more about Chick2Chick by watching the clip above.

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