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Companies could release home security camera footage without your consent

Ring and other home security camera companies could release private footage to law enforcement through their terms of service.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Ring and other home security camera companies have been under fire recently for sharing user's footage with law enforcement--without consumer consent. 

A spokesperson from Amazon, the manufacturer of the Ring camera, said in a statement that they only provide user footage to law enforcement in rare circumstances.

Privacy lawyer, Joseph Bahgat, however, said the language Amazon uses is ambiguous. 

Bahgat claims this is an opportunity for these companies to allow wiggle room in their terms of service. 

Bahgat says the fine print in companies' terms of service can change, as well as their rules on sharing users' data. 

Companies alter their terms of service periodically, and Bahgat says many consumers rarely notice. Bahgat says he recommends people always try and read these contracts or ask for legal assistance.

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