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‘Ask Evan’: “Why aren’t people fined for blowing grass onto the road?”

This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Randy I.  Randy asks “Why don’t people get fined for blowing their grass out on the roa...

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Randy I.  Randy asks "Why don't people get fined for blowing their grass out on the road?  That is a danger to motorcycles and cars when the roads are wet?"

I can tell you first hand grass clipping on a road is very slippery on a bike.  A local police chief that I reached out to says it is indeed illegal to blow grass clippings on public streets.  It does happen quite often and the law requires you to remove clippings from the street when finished.

If not, an individual can be charged with scattering rubbish.  A first time offense carries a fine of 50 to 300 dollars.  A subsequent offense carries fines of 300 to a 1000 dollars.  The actual fine is sliding based upon the magisterial district judges ruling.

As for why people are or are not fined.  Each police department has its own priorities and manpower issues to consider when deciding how vigorously any ordinance is enforced or is not enforced.

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