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‘Ask Evan’: What’s the difference between a Real ID and a PA license?”

This week’s ‘Ask Evan’ question comes from Pat F.  Pat asks, “What ‘added’ feature does the Federal ID (Real ID) have that t...

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Pat F.  Pat asks, "What 'added' feature does the Federal ID (Real ID) have that the PA ID does not?"

Real ID has been available in Pennsylvania since March first of this year.  In order to get one you need to provide a number of documents to PennDOT.  The US Department of Homeland Security sets Real ID minimum security standards for state-issued driver`s licenses-- and makes sure all states' verify identity documents the same way.

Real ID is required to gain access to a secure federal building or a military facility.  It will also be required to fly on a commercial flight starting in October 2020.  However, you can still use an US passport instead.

When you get your Real ID, you may notice it is very similar to a regular drivers license with one exception.  On the top right corner of a Real ID is an orange-colored star indicating it is a Real ID.  A standard PA drivers license does not have the star but instead has the words 'not for Real ID purposes'.  That is the only difference in looks between the two licenses.  More information on how to acquire a Real ID can be found on our website.

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