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These photos of a miniature donkey escape in Golden might be what you need right now

Two miniature donkeys name Opie and Elway escaped in Golden, and luckily their rescue was caught on camera.
Credit: Courtesy Golden PD
Opie and Elway just want to have a snack!

GOLDEN, Colo. — If you clicked on this article thinking that you needed something other than photos of a miniature donkey escape … honestly, I don’t know what you were expecting so please keep those “this isn’t news” comments to yourself.  

Moving on …

This is the story of Opie and Elway, who led Golden Police and Animal Control Officers on a call that was “a bit of a pain in the … well anyway.”

That’s according to a Facebook post from the Golden Police Department, which provided photos of the ensuing search for the two escape artists, who fled their home north of the city for a little adventure on Wednesday.

Credit: Courtesy Golden PD
Opie and Elway just want to have a snack!

But, in true donkey fashion, Opie and Elway were found eating grass in the parking lot of the Kong building. Apparently it was good grass because it took a while for animal control and their owners to get them into the trailer and home.

Credit: Courtesy Golden PD
One of the miniature donkeys (Opie or Elway ... it's unclear) shows proper mask wearing protocol.

“Guess the grass is greener in Golden!” police wrote on Facebook.

Photo evidence shows that Opie and Elway definitely did not want to stop eating grass and go back into their trailer, which honestly all of us can relate to in different ways.

Credit: Courtesy Golden PD
This miniature donkey wasn't prepared for his adventure to end.

Officers, meanwhile, were able to wrangle what was likely not the last jackass they'd encounter that day.

Credit: Courtesy Golden PD
This Golden Police officer successfully managed to wrangle yet another jackass.


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