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Have you lost your pet California Kingsnake? Wayward reptile captured in Manheim barn

Jesse Rothacker of Forgotten Friends Reptile Sanctuary believes the nonvenomous snake is an escaped pet, and is looking to reunite it with its owner.
Credit: Forgotten Friends Reptile Sanctuary
A California Kingsnake found in a Manheim, Lancaster County barn Sunday night

MANHEIM, Pa. — After several days of roaming, a wayward reptile has been captured in Lancaster County, a local rescue group said Wednesday.

The mysterious snake is a California Kingsnake, a nonvenomous species whose natural habitat is thousands of miles from the Manheim farm where it was found, according to Jesse Rothacker with the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary.

Rothacker's organization captured the snake after being contacted by the barn's owner, who reported seeing the snake four days in a row. 

The owner supplied photos of the snake, which Rothacker quickly identified as a California Kingsnake. 

After capturing the snake Sunday night, Rothacker confirmed the snake's identification. 

California Kingsnakes are native to the West Coast and enjoy eating other snakes, including venomous rattlesnakes and copperheads, according to Rothacker.

Forgotten Friends is taking care of the snake, which has temporarily been named Zeebee (Z-B). 

But the group would like to reunite Zeebee with its owner.

"We believe he is an escaped pet, and would appreciate any help...in locating his family, who are probably worried sick about him," Rothacker said.

Anyone with information about the snake is encouraged to contact Forgotten Friends Reptile Sanctuary at (717) 330-3015.

For more information on Forgotten Friends, visit the group's website.

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