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What to know about bungee at Stellar Fitness in York County

Ever tried flying and fitness together? FOX43's Ally Debicki shows us the benefits of one local class that does just that.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Flying and fitness may not be your everyday combination, but one local fitness studio is making it happen!

FOX43 is highlighting unique fitness classes across the area, to begin we visited bungee at Stellar Fitness in York County.

"It improves balance, is great for the joints, and [is a great form of] cardio," said Tia Long, owner of Stellar Fitness. 

The workout is not one you see very often, which also means you may need to head out of state to get the training for it.

"I flew to Florida, looking for something different and I found bungee fitness. [I] ended up going down there and getting certified, and bringing [it] back to York," said Long. 

"At Stellar Fitness we have a very inviting atmosphere, everyone is friendly, it's small groups and you are getting that one-on-one attention," Long continued. 

Participants will notice their heart rates start to increase as they take to the air!

A big part of this class is utilizing that bungee band. With the band, participants are able to get more height and support for certain moves that they wouldn't normally get on the ground. 

They are also able to tap into long-forgotten muscles, all while pushing respiratory strength. 

"With bungee of course it's fun, but we do cardio, we can do weightlifting, [and it's] good for the joints. You can do [moves like] spiderman pushups, you are flying through the air, and the adults have fun with it and it feels like being a kid again," said Long. 

The class is great for all types of fitness levels. Additionally, equipment is provided at the studio. 

For those interested in taking a look at the schedule and perhaps booking a class click here.

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