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Turbo Kick at Fitness 1440 and the benefits of taking the class

Wanting to get the feel of kickboxing with a dance choreography? Turbo Kick at Fitness 1440 will show you the best of both worlds.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Ever try a mix of choreography and kickboxing? Well, you can try it first hand in Fitness 1440's Turbo Kick Class in York County! 

Matt Patti, owner of Fitness 1440 describes Turbo Kick as a form of "cardio kickboxing".

"[The class] helps your breathing, [and] your balance so that helps with core strength and not just within the classes but it helps with normal lifestyle. You can last a little longer when you are just lifting in the gym or just taking the dog for a walk" said Patti.  

The instructor, Missy, takes into account everyone's skill level and will modify a move and allow a short break for those who need it. Participants are welcome to enjoy the class at their own pace! 

This makes the class very beginner friendly, and when participants build stamina, they can continue to build respiratory and full-body strength. The class also incorporates different routines to challenge those more experienced class goers too.

Patti also says that the class is great for anyone who may have a long-term injury, because there's lower impact and you won't be puching an actual bag. 

"If you have a tough time with an injury, something going on with your body that doesn't feel quite right. Depending on what it is, they can switch things up and make it better for those who are actually taking the class," said Patti. 

"Cardio kickboxing is the best of both worlds and it gets everything involved," said Patti.

You do not need any gear to get started with this class. All that it requires is athletic footwear and a water bottle. However, participants are more than welcome to bring a sweat rag or towel.  

For those looking for more information or those interested in booking a class click here

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