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Couple shares story after 68th wedding anniversary | Love Story

Bill and Phyllis Mosebrook met in the Bears Community Band when they were young and on Feb. 13, they celebrated their 68th anniversary.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Bill and Phyllis Mosebrook just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary on Feb. 13. 

Bill and Phyllis bonded over their love of music in the Bears Community Band when they were young. Bill played the trombone and Phyllis played the trumpet.  

Phyllis thought Bill was a "nice guy."

"Our parents got together and started visiting and we went to the mountains with the Bear Hunting Club over weekends, and we just grew up together and we finally got married," Bill said. 

Bill explains the secret to their successful marriage throughout the years— communication. 

"When we were growing up and you had problems, you worked it out," Bill said. "You didn't go down to the divorce court, you worked it out and got everything straightened out between yourselves."

Bill and Phyllis have since raised three children and while Bill might have forgotten to send Phyllis a Valentine here or there throughout their marriage, he loves her very much.

"I love her, she's a part of me," he said. 

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