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Harrisburg parents surprise daughter with drive-by birthday celebration

When Spring Break in Florida was canceled because of the Coronavirus, parents stepped in to give their daughter a 19th birthday present she won't soon forget.

PAXTONIA, Lower Paxton Township — When you're stuck at home, sometimes all you can do is stare outside and watch as the cars go by. 

What if, though, those cars turned out to be one of the best birthday presents you could ask for?

Such is the case for Alexa. She wanted to leave her last name out. It's understandable, not wanting to put too much attention on the moment at such a serious time during a health crisis. However, maybe what everyone needs right now is to rally around the happy moments the way Alexa's community rallied around what turned out to be an unforgettable 19th birthday.

Alexa, a student at the University of Maryland, was supposed to spend Spring Break -- and thus, her birthday -- in Florida with a few of her closest friends. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak had other plans. Even when she organized a get-together with friends back home, those plans were axed as soon as the outbreak worsened, forcing everyone into their homes and isolation.

That's when Mom and Dad stepped in to help. 

Like Alexa, both wished to remain nameless, however in this case, not wanting to take anything away from their daughter. They got on the phone and organized a drive-by birthday. They told Alexa to go outside, sit on a lawn chair perched at the front of the lawn, and wait. Just then, a car rolled by, windows down, and two of Alexa's friends screaming, "Happy birthday!"

Then another car. 

And another.

And another.

And another.

In all, 25 cars, horns honking, streamers streaming, wishes wishing, rolled by Alexa. Some even threw presents out the front window. 

It only lasted a little more than three minutes. In the current climate, we're all told to practice "social distancing." In the case of Alexa, her family, and her friends, that might mean physically distant, but thanks to her parents, never socially apart.