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FOX43 FitMinute | The Perfect Pushup

The pushup is a class workout move, and it's important to use it properly and with purpose!

YORK, Pa. — Have you ever wondered about how to elevate your workout with a move like the pushup? 

Danny Amon, coach and personal trainer manager at the Jewish Community Center, shows what we can do to improve our use of the move!

The pushup is one of the most classic exercises you could add to your workout in the gym or at home. When trying out the movement Amon says to focus on three important things to make it effective and to do it safely.

"Starting with number one is going to be core stiffness. From your chest down, that whole part of your body should be straight. That's going to allow you to put all your focus into your upper body which is the point of the movement that you are doing," said Amon. 

"Number two is going to be the positioning of your arms. We want to see the elbows down below the shoulder at more of a 45-degree angle. It is very safe for your shoulder and you're a lot less likely to get injured this way," Amon said.

"And number three, is going to be the range of motion that you get. We want to look at people getting full range of motion, on pretty much everything. I would rather see someone do full range of motion from their knees or an elevated surface as opposed to doing a partial range of motion up on their toes and hands and not getting much out of it," continued Amon.

Feel free to try out the move, let us know how you did, and remember, you just got better! 

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