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FOX43 FitMinute | Yoga pose lung bench with Susannah

In this week's FOX43 FitMinute we'll focus on a yoga move that will help open up and stretch out the chest muscles!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — In this week's FOX43 FitMinute get ready for a nice stretch.

The move is called lung bench and it's a popular yoga pose that helps stretch tight or closed off chest muscles. 

"We tend to be hunched over in our day, whether it be our phones or laptops, we need to open up. We need to work on our posture and lift our chest, but we need to stretch across our chest muscles because they are so tight," said Susannah Gillespie, a personal trainer with the JCC of York. 

All you need is a towel, blanket or large yoga block to place at the base of the back, and a mat or something soft to lay down on. 

Participants should sit on their mats to begin the exercise. 

"You are going to walk your hands back nice and slowly till you feel that good padding and softness [of the block] on your back. Then roll down and ease yourself all the way down [onto your block] until you feel your head rest. Then we are going to extend our arms palms facing upwards and you just breathe," said Gillespie. 

Gillespie says that lung bench is a really accessible pose and can benefit everyone who gives it a try.

"If you have any lower back issues it can feel really nice to go ahead and bend the knees and place the feet flat on the ground. It just takes a little pressure off of the angle," said Gillespie. 

Thanks again for joining us for this week's FOX43 FitMinute with the JCC, you just got better!  

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