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Foo Fighters explain why they make Pearl Jam joke in new movie

The band's new horror/comedy film "Studio 666" opens in theaters Friday. #k5evening

SEATTLE — From the rock stage to the big screen, the Foo Fighters are making their feature film debut this week.

The band stars in comedy/horror movie “Studio 666.” In it, they unwittingly move into a haunted house to record their tenth album, and lead vocalist/guitarist Dave Grohl becomes possessed by an evil spirit.

Foo Fighters formed in 1994 in Seattle and played their very first concert for family and friends downtown. They most recently returned for a show that helped open Climate Pledge Arena in October 2021.

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked to Grohl, bassist Nate Mendel, keyboardist Rami Jaffee, and drummer Taylor Hawkins.

HOLCOMB: "First, really quick disclosure, when you played at Climate Pledge Arena in October and you heard an insane man and woman screaming from the other side of the arena, that was my husband and I.”

HAWKINS: “Oh, so that's who it was!"

GROHL: "KING TV, man. I remember KING TV!”

HOLCOMB: "I'm curious how much your performance in this film was influenced by your appearances on (KING-TV’s) 'Almost Live?'"

GROHL: "'Almost Live' was like my Summer Stock. That was the beginning of me becoming a thespian. So here we are, now finally starring in my first full-length feature Hollywood film. I couldn't have done it without ‘Almost Live.’ So, I have to thank everyone there. (Director and performer) Steve Wilson, I have to give big love to Steve Wilson for giving me my first break.”

"There are some Seattle grunge references in this film. My favorite is when you all do the Pearl Jam high five, up high.”

GROHL: (laughing) “I knew that was coming.”

MENDEL: “Yep."

GROHL: "I mean, that was an improv moment! That was not in the script. It just kind of happened. I guess it was just a silly moment in one of the takes, it was an improv moment, and then we actually brought it back for another scene, of course in reference to the great Pearl Jam debut ‘Ten’ of them all high-fiving on the cover. We're going to have to answer for that.”

HAWKINS: “We are all dear friends with all of them."

HOLCOMB: "Do they know about this yet?"

HAWKINS: "They will.”

GROHL: “Outside of the restraining orders they already have on us, we haven't heard anything.”

MENDEL: “It's the legal teams back and forth.”

GROHL: “Not a peep, not a peep."

HOLCOMB: "Who among you would actually get scared by a jump scare?"

GROHL: "Oooh... that's a difficult one.”

MENDEL: “I don't think it happens.”

HOLCOMB: “You guys are just hardcore?"

GROHL: "We're dead inside.” (laughter)

“Studio 666” opens in theaters Feb. 25.

Holcomb describes it as a comedy/horror film with enough gore to tide audiences over until Halloween. The performances are fun to watch (particularly Grohl and Hawkins,) but the plot takes a few left turns that don't work and the movie ends with a thud. Foo Fighters fans will likely enjoy watching, but wide audiences may leave feeling like they watched a mic check rather than a rock show.

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