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Bored at home? Here are some streaming shows you can binge

The FOX43 Morning Team's list of their favorite shows to stream, in case you need something to watch.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The days are going by slowly, and with no sports or group events, it’s the perfect time to get lost in a show. 

But if you’re like me, picking a show to watch can be easier said than done. So if you're scrolling through Netflix and nothing is catching your eye, here are some of the FOX43 Morning Team's favorites.

Oh, and before we start, there were some ground rules. No choosing Friends or The Office. That's too easy. Plus, no repeats. Lots of people said Tiger King and Breaking Bad, but we had them pick backups. 

Dan (Morning producer): I have a lot of suggestions, so take your pick. 

Netflix: Bojack Horseman, Big Mouth, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, and Monty Python's Flying Circus

Hulu: 30 Rock, Community (which just got added to Netflix as well), and for the young ones: Adventure Time and Regular Show (but beware, the latter has some suggestive jokes hidden in the show)

Amazon Prime: Psych and The Man in the High Castle

HBO GO: The Sopranos and The Wire

But while I think I have great taste in TV, so do all of my coworkers. Here's what they had to suggest:

Matt Maisel: Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

Bryanna Gallagher: Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) (If you watch the video above, Bryanna's hat has a Schitt's Creek reference, so you know she's a true fan.)

Zach (FOX43 Editor): Silicon Valley (HBO), Cash Cab (Hulu)and How It's Made (Hulu)

Kelly (FOX43 Director): Too Cute (Hulu)

Andrea Michaels: Tiger King (Netflix), Word Party (Netflix) for young kids, and Happy! (Netflix) for the adults

Ben (FOX43 Editor): It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Hulu), Neon Genesis Evangelion (Netflix)

Amy: The Outsider (HBO), Gossip Girl (Netflix) -- (Amy says that her love of Gossip Girl is a secret, so she's asking that you don't tell anyone about it)

If you think we're missing something, let us know! Tell us what you're watching on social media. 

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