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Buzz may not be who you expect to see in the new film, 'Lightyear'

No, the movie is not about the toy from Toy Story, but is more an origin story of the character Buzz Lightyear.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The newest Disney-Pixar animated movie is set to hit theaters this weekend, and fans of the classic "Toy Story" franchise may be confused when they're walking into theaters this weekend. 

The title character of "Lightyear" is not the Buzz Lightyear that has been present in films for over two decades. 

Instead, "Lightyear" focuses on the story of the origin story of the real-life version of Buzz. 

The distinction? The title character is voiced by Chris Evans, who is best known for his role in Disney's "Captain America" and "Avengers" films. 

Tim Allen was the original voice of Toy Story's Buzz. 

Described as a companion piece to the Toy Story franchise, the decision to replace Allen with Evans was done to curb confusion over the two projects. 

According to the film's creators, bringing Allen back to the project would "add to the confusion." 

So what will the human Buzz Lightyear face in the new movie? Few details are available, but director Angus MacLane revealed to Good Morning America that the movie will be both serious and funny, but never "goofy."

"Lightyear" will exclusively premiere in theaters Friday, June 17.  

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