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Harrisburg boy gets surprise of a lifetime at Taylor Swift concert in Philadelphia

Milo Haddad, 7, was picked out of the crowd Sunday night to receive a very special gift from Taylor during the show.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — It was a Mother’s Day that Milo Haddad, 7, and his mom, Kelly, wouldn’t have imagined in their Wildest Dreams.

After surviving The Great Ticketmaster War, the Harrisburg family spent the night at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday with thousands of other Taylor Swift fans.

“The whole show [Taylor] was talking about how much she appreciates seeing the different generations, mothers there with their kids, [them] growing up and bringing their kids so I had already been in tears a lot of the show," said Milo's mother, Kelly Bardon.

The tears flowed even more, when Milo was picked out of the crowd during the song "22."

“They led us to the stage and they were like can we lift your kid up on the stage?" recounted Haddad.

That’s when one of the tour workers took Kelly’s phone and started recording.

“[She] told me 'Just go enjoy this moment with your son,' I was just there panicking, trying to breathe," said Bardon.

The famous fedora is even signed by Swift.

It’s something Taylor’s done during every show of her Eras Tour but Milo and Kelly both have no idea why he ended up being The Lucky One on Sunday.

“We had just gone through the Reputation set which is one of our favorites so I don’t know if they had just seen us going a little bit crazy," said Bardon.

Kelly posted the moment to TikTok, where her video has racked up more than two million views and over 500 thousand likes—one of which they recognized All Too Well.

“Taylor liked the TikTok!" exclaimed Haddad.

“Just the fact that everyone is heart warmed by his little wave," said Bardon, "It’s nice to be one of the heartwarming things on the internet.”

As far as Milo’s plans for the hat?

“It’s the most valuable merchandise and I’m going to keep it and never sell it," said Haddad.

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