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Mushroom Steakhouse Burger will be on the menu at 2023 Pennsylvania Farm Show

The ground beef and mushroom-blended burger is topped with cheese, sauteed mushrooms and barbecue sauce, and served on a Martin's Potato Roll.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Mushroom Farmers of Pennsylvania booth in the Pennsylvania Farm Show Food Court will unveil a new menu item at next year's Farm Show: The Mushroom Steakhouse Burger.

"A bold, new take on the 2019 Farm Show’s No. 1 Food Item, this burger is a blend of 60% grass-fed beef with 40% fresh Pennsylvania Mushrooms to create a juicy, delicious burger patty," the MFPA said in a press release. "It’s served on a Martin’s Potato Roll and topped with cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and a tangy Alabama-style barbeque sauce. 

"A great burger made better — less fat, less sodium, more nutritious and lots of bold flavor!"

The Mushroom Steakhouse Burger will join the familiar favorites on the MFPA menu at the Farm Show, which will be held Jan. 7-14 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

Other menu items include:

  • RoRo’s Mushroom Salad: A longtime favorite, this 100% gluten free, vegetarian option is a bowl full of marinated mushrooms with chopped onion, celery, carrots and olives in olive oil and vinegar seasoned with salt, pepper and parsley.
  • Original Breaded Mushrooms: The best-selling mushroom item since 1978, with more than 6000 pounds prepared annually, the Original Breaded Mushroom are crispy, whole white mushrooms breaded in 100% vegetable oil, and served with ketchup and ranch dressings on the side.
  • Shredded Port Nachos: These are ‘nacho’ father’s nachos! This super snack includes 100% shredded Portabella mushrooms in a tangy barbeque sauce topped on crispy tortilla chips with cheese and drizzled with sour cream. No meat. No soy. All flavor!
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup:  Loaded with mushrooms made with real milk, butter, onions, vegetable broth, and seasonings, this soup is the quintessential mushroom dish.

"Full of powerful nutrients, mushrooms are increasingly being named as a must-have on healthy plates," the MFPA said. "They are a superfood; filled with a host of vitamins and minerals, and have little to none of the things you don’t want like calories, fat, sugar, salt, or gluten."

Mushroom aficionados will also be able to take some of their favorite fungi home with them if they visit the MFPA Food Booth.

Available for sale at next year's Farm Show will be: 

  • White Button Mushrooms: They are the most popular variety of mushrooms for a reason. These freshly-picked mushrooms come in an 8oz till and are great for slicing into eggs, into salads, and into your favorite dinner dishes.
  • Savory Wild Mushroom Jerky: What happens when one of the planet’s most sustainable foods is paired with some of the most bold, authentic flavor combinations from around the world? Savory Wild Portabella mushroom jerky snacks, packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor!
  • 100% Mushroom Gourmet Crumble: Baby Bella, White, and Portabella mushrooms grown and harvested in PA are diced together in 8 oz cups for a versatile and convenient way to incorporate mushroom flavor in all your dishes. Blend them into burgers, tacos, or meatloaf; add to eggs, soups, and pastas; top on pizzas and flatbreads; and elevate chicken, steaks, and chops.

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