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The 'Calving Corner' returns to the Pa. Farm Show with live birth demonstrations

Officials with the Calving Corner say they've had plenty of healthy calves born since the start of the farm show this year.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A favorite attraction returned to the 106th Pennsylvania Farm Show this year.

Officials with the Calving Corner, an annual educational exhibit at the farm show, say they've already had plenty of healthy calves born since the start of the show this year. 

The Calving Corner shows people where their milk comes from and why the process is so important.

"It's a great way to have people realize where their food is coming from," said Calving Corner project manager Miriam Miller. "It doesn't come from a carton in the grocery store. It comes from these farm families that are working hard every day to make sure that the product that they helped produce is safe and nutritious and wholesome. So it's a great way for people to also get questions answered. They may have heard something or read something online and they wanna know if that's true."

Calving Corner officials say they typically expect two births every day, though they had four today because one cow delivered twins. 

A stream of the Calving Corner is available here.

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