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Restaurant and bar managers support proposed legislation to make to-go cocktails permanent

The managers say this would allow them to continue to make a greater profit and provide customers a convenience.

YORK, Pa. — Getting a to-go cocktail may become a permanent activity as House Bill 1154 remains in consideration under the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. 

Almost a year ago, Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 327 or Act 21 as a temporary rule.

This allowed restaurants and bars to be allowed to sell alcoholic drinks to go-providing a bump in sales for businesses and a convenience to customers.

Restaurant advocates say it is important to continue to-go cocktails because these businesses need it greatly.

 "We were stuck with delivery curbside pick up and take out food, so it was just crucial for those first couple months that there was another form of revenue," said Ben Fileccia, director of operations and strategy for the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association.

Fileccia says this would align with other states who are already selling to-go drinks.

"We've also seen all around the country mixed drink to go bills hitting every state in the union, so we think Pennsylvania should be on board," said Fileccia."

Chad Mapes, bar manager at Grandfalloons Tavern agrees and says this would push the state to be with the current times.

“People that go vacation in Maryland or maybe in the Carolinas- it’s normal to them to be able to carry drinks around out of a bar," said Mapes, "so, maybe it’s Pennsylvania coming into the 21st century.”

The proposed bill has passed unanimously by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Committee, however, it still needs to go to the floor for a final vote.

The current temporary rule is still in effect but does not apply to those restaurants and bars that have now passed 60% capacity and over.

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