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50 years after its Broadway debut, 'Chicago' keeps all the razzle-dazzle at the Dutch Apple | Center Stage

One of the most-recognized musicals in history has a little of everything. A little song, a little dance, and more than a little murder.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Nearly fifty years after the show's original debut on Broadway, Chicago just hasn't stopped captivating audiences across the globe.

As dozens upon dozens of actresses have portrayed the two leading ladies over the years, Roxie and Velma, Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre's murderess channels a touch of innocence.

"She lies, she cheats, but she never means to do it," Katie Frieden, who plays Roxie, said.

Those lies meant to dupe the public and grab Roxie the fame she's always wanted were originally written as a reflection of the 1920s -- 50 years before the show was written in real-time, in 1975. Fifty years later, Frieden says its relatability to 2022 keeps the show relevant.

"The lies, getting what you want," Frieden said. "It says, 'in fifty years or so things are going to change.' Here we are in the 2020s, fifty years later from the 1970s, nothing has changed."

Whether it's the glitz and glam or a moral tale, the fantasy of perceived reality keeps the show going.

"I think that's what makes this production so special and what makes Chicago so special," Frieden said.

You can catch performances of Chicago at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County now through Sept. 17.

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