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Fulton debuts play that takes deeper look into the experience of Black men | Center Stage

"For Colored Boyz" was only on the page a year ago, and now it's making its world premiere at the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster.

LANCASTER, Pa. — As the second place Stories of Diversity Play Festival wrapped up at the Fulton Theatre just weeks ago, the winner of the first festival makes its world premiere at the Fulton Theatre.

For Colored Boyz centers around five Black men navigating society from the beginning of time to the present, containing strong language and themes. 

"If we're gonna tell it, we're gonna tell it right," Bryan-Keyth Wilson, the show's writer and creator told FOX43. 

Wilson doesn't shy away from the fact that the show is heavy. Going from the beginning of time, through slavery, and into the world of police brutality, it's a struggle to find joy in the show at times.

"It's okay, to tell the truth," Wilson said. "As dark, as horrific and graphic and joyful as it may be, we must tell the truth."

Wilson started writing the show the night Michael Brown was killed. He recalls watching the news that evening, believing what he saw on television was in a foreign, unstable country.

"Then my mom asked, 'Where is Ferguson, Missouri?'" Wilson said. 

While the moral of the story may be hard to hear, Wilson says to try and not be intimidated by it and still visit the theatre.

"Do not be scared by the title," he said. "Even though the show is about Black men and Black history, Black history is still American history." 

Wilson encourages the audience to listen, learn, be upset, ask questions, and take those questions and answers forth into the community.

"Continue the conversation," Wilson said. "At the end of the day, we all have to coexist on this big rock."

For Colored Boyz plays at the Fulton through Sept. 25. You can visit the theatre's website for more information.

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